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JPD Mud Booster - 2kg/4.4Lbs


JPD Mud Booster - 2kg/4.4Lbs


JPD Mud Booster

Improve Water Quality and Soil Agent

  • Montmorillonite Powder (Silicate White Clay)
  • Absorbing the impurities in the water
  • Countermeasure for acid rain in the rainy season
  • For breeding environment where no soil and other component like water tank and concrete pond
  • 16 kinds of minerals
  • Made in Japan


  • Mud Booster is material from montmorillonite clay which supply the necessary soil components to the environment of FRP or concrete pond for koi breeding
  • This product is also effective to strengthen the soil component for wild pond.
How to use


Please disperse 50cc of this product (1/4 of cup) for 1 ton of water in every 2 or 3 days.

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