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JPD - Japan Pet Design

Japan Pet Design Co., Ltd. is a company with a long history of about 200 years. Since its establishment in 1819 as an aquarium fish farm, JPD has been involved with the aquarium fish. It was reported that the goldfish bred by JPD, due to its good quality, was even honored as a present to the Shogun, the highest man of power and authority of  that time in the 19th century.

The experience and technology acquired and accumulated for all these 200 years, from generation to generation, have served as a strong foundation of JPD. We at JPD, with the long and rich experience, have been developing various high-quality medicine and food products for aquarium fish.

In 1966, Yoshida Feed Co., Ltd. released the NishikiKoi Food “Swimmy”.  The world’s first floating koi food got the explosive popularity and top sales in Japan. “Swimmy” was broadcasted on TV commercial and obtained high popularity.

JPD Fish Medicine market share in Japan is about 90%. JPD is a pioneer of Medicine manufacturer holding really high share rate. JPD Fish Medicine is made in GMP factory.

Yoshida Family indulged in the development of NishikiKoi Food and Medicine over a period of time. JPD is kept developing the Koi’s health protection products such as the pioneer of NishikiKoi Food and Fish Medicine.



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