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Quarantine Procedures Discussion

Happy New Year!!! Here's hoping that you and yours have a great and healthy 2017.

Our first meeting of the year will be held Saturday January 14th at The Koi Store (3831 Flat Rock Road, Watkinsville GA 30677) and hosted by The Koi Store. This is going to be a great meeting as Carl and Vicki have just gotten a new shipment of koi from Japan - lots of longfins but standard fins as well. But we'll also be discussing a very important issue - and that's proper quarantining procedures and in particular what we should be doing for KHV. IT IS OUR INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY AND OUR RESPONSIBILITY ALONE FOR INSURING ANY FISH WE INTRODUCE INTO OUR PONDS IS PROPERLY QUARANTINED. Some people have unfortunately learned first hand that improper or no quarantining can have devastating results on your pond jewels with mortality rates for KVH approaching 70%. That said, we have asked Vicki Vaughan to lead a discussion on proper quarantining procedures from the perspective of a dealer importing koi from Japan but also from an individual perspective given that the majority of us have limitations a dealer might not have (space, microscopes, heating, etc). These limitations don't mean we can't still do a proper quarantine, and Vicki will tell us what we should be doing. Dealer quarantining and individual quarantining are two separate processes.

The meeting will start at 2:00 PM with the Executive Meeting starting at 1:00 PM. Given the importance of this meeting, it will be open to the public and not just members of the Atlanta Koi Club. So spread the word. The Falcons' game doesn't come on until 4:25 that afternoon.

The featured speaker will be Vicki Vaughan - owner of The Koi Store. Vicki spent 25 years in research, diagnostics and vaccine development at The University of Georgia. She was primarily involved with the health issues and diagnostic tools concerning koi. The characterization of and development of diagnostic procedures for KHV was of greatest importance. Vicki coordinated and taught The Koi Health Seminar at The UGA College of Veterinary Medicine. This was a 3 day seminar that offered 20 hours of continuing education credits to Veterinarians. Most of the noteworthy fish experts in the nation participated in this event over the decade it was offered. While at the UGA College of Veterinary Medicine, Vicki developed and patented the popular potentiated antibiotic - TRICIDE NEO - that is so effective in treating koi with multi drug resistant bacterial strains. She also formed a company - Molecular Therapeutics - to manufacture and distribute this patented formulation. Vicki is the director of KOILAB that offers diagnostic procedures including KHV testing, necropsy and histopathology, water testing including heavy metal assessment, culture and sensitivity, serology and medical procedures. She has been a featured speaker at koi related seminars and shows all over the country.

So join us at The Koi Store on Saturday, January 14th for this vital discussion so you can understand and prepare your individual quarantine facilities going into the season. And don't forget that The Koi Store has some amazing fish ready for purchase. However, these fish will not be released until they completed dealer quarantine!!!

Refreshments will be provided. Call if you need more information at 706-769-8951.

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