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The Dangers of Tap Water and Why You Need a Dosatron

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            “Did I turn off the water, are my fish okay, where are my shoes, I need a robe.” These thoughts rush through your head as you sprint for the backdoor and hurry to your pond. You get there to find out that all of your fish are dead, even the one you bought as a fry and named after your recently deceased grandmother. Now you are going through that loss again!

            Don’t let this be you. We offer an addition to your koi pond called a dosatron. But, before we get into the details of the dosatron, let’s take a look at why it is needed.

            The municipal water companies add chemicals to the water to disinfect and discourage the growth of bacteria and other pathogens. Unfortunately, these chemicals are generally deadly to freshwater fish and other aquatic life. Two different chemicals are usually used to treat the water, chlorine and chloramine.

            Chlorine can be deadly to freshwater fish in high concentrations (0.2 + ppm). But, concentrations higher than 0.001 ppm will stress the fish and cause gill damage. Gwinnett County Department of Water Resources adds chlorine at 2.0 ppm!

            Other departments have started using chloramine to disinfect the water. Chlorine is known to react with some organics to create known carcinogens. So, a safer alternative is chloramine. But, for pond owners, chloramine is a double whammy of a headache. When the chlorine part of chloramine is neutralized, deadly ammonia is released into the water. As you probably already know, one of the reasons for a water change is to get rid of toxic ammonia levels!

            If I only had a nickel for every call I have received from a frantic koi keeper telling me they left the hose on… Some koi keepers have auto-fills for their pond. If a pond leaks or the auto-fill malfunctions, municipal water is poured into the koi pond at unsafe levels. The results are most always fatal for all fish in the pond.

            A dosatron automatically treats the water as it is pumped into the pond. This is THE solution to auto-fill concerns. With a dosatron and an auto-fill, there will be no more getting up in the middle of the night with the heart stopping fear that you left the hose on.

How does a dosatron work?

A graphic showing how a dosatron works

The incoming water enters at (1). At (2) the water enters the Dosatron body. Your concentrated water treating solution is pulled up through (3). At (4) the concentrate mixes with the incoming water. The blended solution is discharged into your pond at (5). This process starts decontaminating the water as it is put into the pond. The greatest part is that it is AUTOMATED!

Quite Simply Put...

Transform your bad tap water into healthy pond water.

What if the dosatron runs out of concentrate?

An alarm can be added to let you know when you are running out of concentrated treatment solution.

My auto-fill barely runs, do I need a dosatron?

Your pond WILL have a problem if the autofill is pumping tapwater in the event of a pond leak.

 Here is an example of a pre-assembled unit.



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