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Why Install a Heater On Your Koi Pond?

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Keep your koi healthy year-round by controlling water temperature with a heater. Fluctuations in water temperature can cause a decline in koi health.

With a heater on your pond:

  • Water temperature will not fluctuate (the heater will keep temp +/- 2 degrees of set point
    • Koi can be healthy at many temperatures (40-95F), but swings in temperature stress them
  • Koi will be stronger in early spring
    • Spring is the worst for temperature swings
    • Koi are weakest coming out of winter
    • Reduced early spring koi disease and/or deaths
  • Biological Filter can remain active all year
    • Quicker start time for biological filter
    • Bacteria colony is not as dormant
    • You can feed year around if temp is warm enough
      • (care must be taken to not overfeed females – they need a rest period)
    • Will eliminate frozen pipes, filters, UV’s, pumps, and more…

 A custom plug-n-play heater system that heats two different sized ponds simultaneously.

One of our custom Plug-n-Play heaters.

Our heaters run on Natural Gas or Propane (over 90% efficient) and are much more economical than electric heaters.

We ship these heaters as a pre-assembled system to you! We also provide installation if you need it. They are plug-n-play; just hook up water in and out, plug into electric, and hook up gas. We have indoor and outdoor models.

Options include, but not limited to:

  1. High temperature cut off
  2. Flow switch to shut down unit on low flow
  3. Alarm or auto dialer to notify you of any problem – can also be hooked to your monitored security system

We have installed these heaters for over 15 years with continuous carefree operation. Boilers are Japanese and heat exchangers are either Stainless Steel or Titanium.

Starting Price as low as: $2,950 (shipping and installation not included)

With the following information we can size and price a heater for you.

  1. Surface area of pond
  2. Volume of pond
  3. Depth of Pond
  4. Lowest ambient temperature in your area
  5. Temperature you wish to keep your pond
  6. Type of gas (propane or natural gas)
  7. (we recommend bypassing waterfalls in winter – if you are not going to bypass a waterfall we need width and height of the falls – this is a big heat loss)
  8. Indoor or Outdoor (will the unit be installed indoors or outdoors)
  9. Zip code if you need a freight quote
  10. Pictures if you want an installation quote.

Send an email to

Call our office at (706) 769-8951


Send us a text message at (706) 201-7828

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